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Flat Design Featured

The Honest Design Revolution

Flat Design Repeating History If you haven’t already heard of this increasingly popular trend in the design world yet, calm down before you go thinking in skewed directions as to what and how complicated this new concept could be. Flat design is simply what its name suggests- design that is flat. White space, bold buttons […]

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-First Design: Start Small

To put it as painfully simple as possible, in a household, you’ll find more mobile phones than desktops. You can’t argue with me on that one. So while that is getting you thinking at the back of your head, keep on reading. The philosophy is that it’s better to design content and web pages for […]

New Year Wishes

Here’s to a Brilliant New Year

2014 has been very kind to us and brought us a lot of good things, especially to the PSD to Responsive HTML5 Team. You were very much a big part of the reason and for that, we thank you. Being still in the holiday spirit, we give you our heartfelt wishes to another marvelous year. […]


Your last chance to hop on the 50% bandwagon

Hello little fellows, You’re getting something incredibly big and special this Christmas because we told Santa to put you on the Nice list. Are you ready for your present? We are offering you 50% off on all your PSD to Responsive Conversions! Sadly, Christmas isn’t here to stay forever. So let go of the bowstring […]

Create something New Every Time

Web Developers Show 5 Ways to Be Productive

Every profession can teach new things about productivity and efficiency. Web development is a tedious job as it, nonetheless rewarding. Therefore it requires sound skills and a clear mindset for constructive workflow. Thus logically, web developers can be some of the most uniquely productive beings. Here are 5 tips from web developers to stay fruitful. […]


A Word to the Wise: Integrating WordPress into an Existing Website

Wait, WordPress in my website? I’m fine, no thank you. This was my initial reaction too (if that wasn’t yours, pardon me). The popular and growing trend in business websites is the addition of a new section dedicated solely for blogs. That was probably never on your mind while you were busy coding other important […]


WordPress themes and PSD to WordPress conversion to escalate sales

Constructing and maintaining a website is a technology that has evolved greatly over many years. With the number of PC’s, smart phones, tablets and any internet accessible device on the rise, an organization has to maintain a smart looking and functional website for their sales to boost up. So what is the role of WordPress […]


5 changes the digital era has brought to the ad world

Smart phones, tablets and laptops are few of the many devices that are used in this digital century. Recently, Verizon Wireless created a revolution in their advertising methods. Since they wanted to attract the foot traffic to its retail stores, they introduced an onsite program Stop Motion Studio. In this “attraction”, customers were allowed to […]


8 Web Design Skills to Develop for a Successful Career

We wrote about web design communities and see how they work. Build networks with influential people in your field and business owners to help yourself land bigger, better jobs. Marketing should be a part of your repertoire of web design skills. 7. Project management Learn to use tools that help you keep track of your […]