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So, the much anticipated news is out. Finally, Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP. It’s been nearly three weeks since the launch and many publishing sites have already adopted AMPs and reaping the benefits. By now the term AMP must sound very familiar to many of you. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard yet. When speed [...]
Say celebrations and you might see your mail inbox going crazy – well, sometimes your spam too! A number of attractive offers keep flowing in, waiting to gorge on your bank balance. Okay now, jokes apart. Honestly, have you never been drawn by those tempting email newsletters? Have you ever thought about using one? If yes, you’d love [...]
Speed is the name of the game in this digital race. Even among the techno giants this truth seems to have stirred a sudden awakening. Every business is trying to speed up their productivity, delivery time and among many other things, their websites. Would you even stay for a second longer if a web page is taking its [...]
Ever since the concept of festive season offers originated, various ways of promoting them has been around. Especially during the year ends, you could see a number of flyers with attractive offers waiting to grab your attention. If it were fancy flyers a decade back, now is the time for email newsletters. That being said, the demand for [...]
Everything is fast paced these days and people want things done in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the growing technological advancements that keeps us wanting for more. It is good news for everyone and for web designers, it’s a jackpot! More and more businesses want to make their presence felt online by owning websites. Though there [...]
As with anything in this world, the face of business has tremendously evolved in the past two decades. Pushing the older door-to-door campaigns and other conventional strategies aside, people have gone digital these days. Thanks to the ultra boom of Internet technology. The age-old marketing strategies have found a new makeover and business owners are adding glam and [...]
Say front-end frameworks and you are flooded with numerous options. But choosing the best pick out of the lot is challenging. Among the available frameworks today, Bootstrap is the irrefutable hero. This front-end framework is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which aids in developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Faster and easier, it is made [...]
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci. Well, I guess people are coming to apprehend and accept this simple yet profound fact these days. Particularly in the web design industry. Few years back, web designers were extremely focused on exhibiting their design skills by applying flamboyant illustrations and animations that, yes of course, won [...]
Content Management System a.k.a CMS. Something you might be hearing often whenever you thought of building a website. In fact, building and managing websites have become a lot easier than ever. There are different content management systems that allow you to create and edit web pages in surprisingly lesser time. They can publish articles online or manage products [...]