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8 Web Design Skills to Develop for a Successful Career

We wrote about web design communities and see how they work. Build networks with influential people in your field and business owners to help yourself land bigger, better jobs. Marketing should be a part of your repertoire of web design skills. 7. Project management Learn to use tools that help you keep track of your […]


7 Brilliant Design Communities You Should Be a Part Of

Whether you’re just starting out as designer or if you’re a professional, it’s always nice to have your work evaluated objectively. But you have to admit, it’s quite hard to get unbiased feedback on the web and offline. And more than just good feedback, we all feel the need for our work to be viewed […]

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Why Bootstrap is so Popular with Website Developers

Bootstrap is a front-end framework with HTML, CSS and Javascript code files for building interfaces. It was initially built by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a way to ensure consistency because before Bootstrap, there was no single collection of code, widget or component libraries that everyone used. And the best part is […]

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Understanding User Experience for Responsive Sites

Consider a typical business scenario. Business owners decide that they need a responsive site. They may have to make their existing site responsive or build a responsive site from scratch. But for some reason they want to make their sites look and work great across multiple devices. It’s a good start. They approach web design […]


What Does a Responsive Content Strategy Involve?

Often responsive design is pitched solely from the designer’s point of view, so clients end up thinking that waving the responsive wand will magically make everything okay as far as mobile presence is concerned. Earlier on, we talked about why designers should be

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The Basic Elements of a Portfolio Website

There is no dearth of creativity when it comes to portfolio websites on the internet, but the basics remain the same. However you choose to present your portfolio online, stripped down to its essentials, every good portfolio site has the following elements: Simple design It begins with the design. When you’re taking an actual trip […]


Pitching Responsive Design to Clients the Right Way

As designers and developers, we’re still trying to come to grips with the multi-device web. There’s always something new to discover, explore and learn. So as we keep updating ourselves, our connection with clients who aren’t exposed to cutting-edge developments in design keeps getting weaker. When the time comes for us to pitch responsive design, […]

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The PSD to Responsive HTML5 Team Celebrates Ethnic Day!

Last month, we celebrated Ethnic day: an annual affair at the office. After an entire week of design planning, decisions and anticipation, the team created colourful Rangolis (a traditional Indian folk art where intricate patterns are drawn with coloured rice, salt or sand) and painted miniature pots that were later judged for best entries. While […]

Marketing Efforts

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Good Web Design

Everyone wants a well-designed website or application. This is something that designers, marketers and bloggers don’t acknowledge when they write about ‘why web design is important for your marketing efforts’.  They make valid points in argument of good design, just like we did when we tried to understand both sides of the content vs. design […]


Basic Photoshop Tutorials – What Kind of Beginner Are You?

Adobe Photoshop is arguably one of the best graphic design tools in the industry. And if you’ve decided to teach yourself how to use this powerful tool, you’ve made a decision that will save you countless hours. You don’t need to rely on anyone else for simple design tasks anymore because Photoshop basics are fairly […]


Web Design Languages for Designers

What does it really take to be a web designer? Most web designers confine themselves to designing on Photoshop and handling HTML and CSS. To be fair, most of the other skills that are needed to build websites fall under the realm of a web developer but the lines between the two are blurring. Designers […]

Interaction design

What is Interaction Design and Why Does it Matter?

Interaction design deals with analyzing how users interact with a system and figuring out how to make that interaction as intuitive and smooth as possible. It takes a more detail-oriented approach to understanding user needs and coming up with new ways to cater to those needs. What Does Interaction Design Involve? Interaction designers don’t really […]

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite Scrolling – Aye or Nay?

As the name suggests, infinite scrolling loads content continuously on the page as you scroll down. After the success of sites like Pinterest, there has been a sudden spate of long one-pagers and infinitely scrolling WordPress themes on the internet. But while it seems trendy and current, is it really the right fit for your […]


The Basic Elements of Responsive Design

Responsive design needs no introduction. Almost every serious business has a responsive site or is looking to change over very soon. What this means is that there is an influx of responsive design projects for designers, many of whom are just learning the ins and outs of RWD. This post is meant to be a […]


5 Great Sites to Follow for Web Design Inspiration

It goes without saying that designers are a creative lot. Having said that, they still need some inspiration when they hit dead ends or to simply keep the motor running. Design galleries and magazines can help them spark discussions, get stubborn ideas out of their heads and on to the screen and improve their design […]

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Do You Really Need Good Design?

There is always a tug of war between content and design. On one hand, people hold on to content and utility and miss out on the benefits of good design. On the other, they spend a fortune on design and don’t see any returns for it. So does good design really count as much as […]


Best of 2013 – PSD to Responsive HTML5 Blog

2014 is a brand new year and we’re all geared up to publish fresh content aimed to help you out with branding, interaction, usability, graphic design, responsive web development and more. But first, here’s a quick recap of our best (and most popular) content from 2013. We give you our top five blog posts that […]

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PSD to Responsive HTML5 Has Been Featured by Best CSS!

We’d like to announce something awesome. If you head over to the Best CSS gallery right now, you can see the PSD to Responsive HTML5 website featured alongside other brilliant websites like WebChirpy! We’re pleased as punch about the recognition (can you tell?) and we just wanted to let all of you wonderful folks out […]

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Can You A/B Test Responsive Sites?

You know that you need responsive design. But you’ve worked late nights on your website for so long that you’re familiar with all the ins and outs of it. RWD is intriguing, but also a little bit scary because there are so many diverse opinions on it ranging from those who shout about from rooftops […]

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How to Design User-friendly M-Commerce Sites

48% of the time that consumers spend on e-commerce sites is spent on mobile devices. So if you’re planning to roll out a brand new retail site or revamp your existing mobile website, don’t neglect to make sure that you have your user interaction issues sorted out and fixed. Here are a few tips to […]