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5 Awesome Flat UI Kits That Will Sweep You Off

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci. Well, I guess people are coming to apprehend and accept this simple yet profound fact these days. Particularly in the web design industry. Few years back, web designers were extremely focused on exhibiting their design skills by applying flamboyant illustrations and animations that, yes […]


The Compelling Question: Is WordPress Better Than Drupal?

Content Management System a.k.a CMS. Something you might be hearing often whenever you thought of building a website. In fact, building and managing websites have become a lot easier than ever. There are different content management systems that allow you to create and edit web pages in surprisingly lesser time. They can publish articles online […]

CSS Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons: The Subtle But Solid Website Design Trend

Ever since dynamic menus and CSS started to reign the design world, using buttons as part of your website design has become history. But as the phrase goes, do not forget ‘history repeats itself’. Yes, buttons are back now and you might not be surprised if I say they have become potential trendsetters among today’s […]


3 Essentials You Must Know About Responsive Typography

As with any technology, trends in web designing have grown multitudes. Smartphones with more internet-based functions have become the game today which were once considered unthinkable. With mobile phone users increasing day-by-day, the quality of user experience has become an indispensable factor. People will never vote for websites that give them a hard time. There […]

Wordpress Themes

3 Simple Tips to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

‘The more, the merrier’. Yes, this is definitely true with the endless number of themes you get to choose from WordPress. But what always pairs up with having more options is an endless dilemma to select the one that suits you best. For all you web designers pondering over the question “What should I look […]

Simple Ways To Update Your Site

4 Simple Ways to Update Your Website

If you’ve got a website of your own or one for your business, chances are you’ve heard experts say stuff like-your website is the face of your company, your website is the virtual home you invite your customers into, your website is a 9 legged alien deported from planet klojan. Yes, your website is important. […]


A Simple One Page Guide to Boost Your Mobile Search Rankings

In context of the widely popular Google mobile search algorithm update, what’s been done is done, guys. There’s no way out. If you want to survive as a profitable business, small or big, you should kick-start your mobile friendly action plan now. Here’s a simplified guide to boost your mobile search rankings and earn that […]

Mobilegeddon Featured

Got a Small Business? Why Be Mobile Friendly Now or Die

The new mobile friendly bias by Google has taken over the online community by storm and small companies around the world are dreading over it rather than embracing it. The recent (April 21) Google Algorithm update that instantly gained popularity as the “Mobilegeddon” or the “M Day” is actually the best thing that can happen […]

Why Choose- PSDto ResponsiveHTML5

5 Reasons Why Customers Choose PSDtoResponsiveHTML5 Services

Today, people are visiting your business website on multiple devices and on various platforms. Technology has grown leaps and bounds that devices are available in multitude of sizes in the market, thus making it important for your site to be compatible on all devices. Having such a cross platform designed website will definitely enhance user […]


Why a CSS Framework is the Best thing Since Sliced Bread

Guys, CSS Frameworks exist for a reason. Just like how machines exist to make people’s lives easier, CSS frameworks exist to make web designers’ and web developers’ lives easier. So why are people still hesitating to make use of them? Unless you are a stickler for originality or deeply passionate about coding, there really isn’t […]