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If you haven’t read my previous blog, stop at this point.

Read and get back.

Else, you may easily come to a conclusion that I’m biased.

I’m not…


So, now that you are aware of my previous blog where I’ve discussed on, ‘Benefits of combining Artificial Intelligence and Web Design’, pardon me for sharing only the benefits with you.
But, the drawbacks?
Yes, it has its own.
Be prepared for a comparison, ‘AI versus Hand Coding, in Web Design.

web design

Absolutely intermediate.


Artificial Intelligence in Web Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

First, let me hit you with the Ugly,

  • With Artificial Intelligence, Web Design is a no-brainer.
  •  The user just has to drag-and-drop the image or the text into the available templates.
  • Artificial Intelligence builds a website on its own with its algorithm, for the user.

Sounds more like the Good than the Ugly, don’t they?

But, what if you’re informed that they are just a few gimmicks of some website builders for their promotion?

Unfortunately, that’s an ugly truth.

Based on several user experiences, it has been widely termed that, the Artificial Intelligence in Web Design is not likely to be user friendly.

See it for yourself.


Well, now that you have gotten a picture of reality.

That’s not it.
The Bad includes,

  • Breakdown and loss of important information.
  • AI in Web Design has not arrived yet. Not up to the level, to fulfill your expectation.

If I’m asked, whether I’m okay with losing my information to AI in the process of creating a website, my answer would be A BIG NO.


As the positives have been closely discussed already, let’s jump to the discussion of the hand coding process.
Hand Coding in Web Design: The Good and the Bad.

Being fair…

Let’s begin with the Bad.

The Most Common Complaints About Hand Coding:

  • Compatibility issues.
  • Dependency issues.
  • If a problem occurs, the entire coding process has to be repeated.


On speaking about the Good,

  • Arising compatibility issues can be taken care of, efficiently.
  • Customizable.
  • Data lose prevented.
  • Support and maintenance.

Choosing the right development center is all it takes.


What do you feel, after reading the pros and cons of AI and Hand Coding in Web Design?

If I have to take up the decision, I would prefer the old school method. Considering its resolvable cons and authentic pros.


Hear it from Jean Baudrillard, French Philosopher:

“The sad thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.”
To me, he was right…
Web Design is no joke.

Choose it RIGHT!


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