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Readily convert your PSDs to WordPress – the world’s most popular CMS platform.

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PSD to WordPress

Readily convert your PSDs to WordPress – the world’s most popular CMS platform.

Avail Conversion of Your Designs from PSD to WordPress

Online marketing is gearing up everywhere. Many small companies have realized the importance of the digital medium and have started to make their presence felt online. It all starts with building a unique website of your own. The easy way to building and managing websites is through content management systems that allow you to create and edit web pages in surprisingly shorter time. One such effective and popular CMS is WordPress. A number of business sites are being powered by WordPress and the number keeps growing. This is mainly because WordPress conversions are fuss-free, cross-browser compatible and search-engine friendly.

Our Process

Converting your designs from PSD to WordPress can be very easy. Our simple and transparent process will give you a clear picture of the flow of events.

Step 1: We understand your business needs and gather custom requirements, followed by a thorough analysis. The project is initiated once we receive your PSD (Photoshop Design) files. Our media team processes the design files which are separated into different images through a process called Slicing.

Step 2: Our developers take the sliced images which are then coded with standard style guide specifications. After which the images are incorporated into HTML5 to be rendered as web pages, along with CSS3 to bring about layout functionalities.

Step 3: This coding process is followed by theme creation using CSS3 Media Queries and integrating with WordPress for customizing the theme.

The main factor for WordPress to top the charts is due to the numerous customizable themes it offers. You can choose from the array of available themes or, we can create awesome WordPress themes tailored specifically for your needs.

Additionally, custom plugins can be developed that can be incorporated into your WordPress sites for added features and functionalities.

PSD to WordPress Made Easy

  • Convert your designs into fully functional WordPress pages that are 100% hand coded with pixel perfection.
  • Numerous feature-rich plugins and multiple themes to choose from.
  • Theme and template customization, custom module development, WordPress module installation, support, maintenance and much more.

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