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September 2015


Have You Tried Mobirise? – The Bootstrap Based Mobile Website Builder

Say front-end frameworks and you are flooded with numerous options. But choosing the best pick out of the lot is challenging. Among the available frameworks today, Bootstrap is the irrefutable hero. This front-end framework is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which aids in developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Faster and easier, it is made for people of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. The best part is that Bootstrap is open source and completely free. Its resizable grid system, on-demand JavaScript plugins and easy integration into existing websites will make this your dearest framework.

Okay now, how about a website builder based on the awesome Bootstrap framework that lets you create mobile-friendly sites just by few drags and drops? That too, for free? I know it’s exciting. Mobirise, it is. Let’s dig in:

What is Mobirise?


It is a cross-platform web designer that lets you build mobile-friendly, responsive websites. The framework is developed based on Bootstrap 3 and employs responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. The interface is more like an app with no complex menu system, no hidden right-click options; just a few buttons to click through and panels to navigate. It lets you select various types of “blocks”, place them on pages, and customize them. And did I mention Mobirise offers all these for free? Yes, you heard it right.

What all you can do with Mobirise?


With the various ‘drag and drop’ blocks that Mobirise offers, you can put your imagination into play. Whether you want your background to be colored, use an image, or want a YouTube video to be playing; anything and everything can be done with its blocks. You can choose color overlays, set static backgrounds to be parallax and change the ratio of opacity.

You also have options to include full page headers, menus, media, multi-column content, links to social media, tables, and footers. Multiple pages can be created by adding one or more blocks to a page. Buttons, typefaces, and the text color can fully be customized and you can choose to fix text’s visibility. All these without any coding! Mobirise also lets you preview your design in desktop, tablet, and smartphone viewports.

Once your design has been done and ready, you have the liberty to save your site to your local drive, FTP it to your own host, Google Drive, or GitHub. How easy is that?

Why should you try Mobirise?


First, Mobirise is newbie-friendly i.e. it’s easily accessible for people who are new to building web content and allows easy tweaking and addition of new features. Second, Mobirise is free!

That apart, Mobirise is loved by Google. According to the recent Google Test, sites made using Mobirise are 100% mobile-friendly. It is built on one of the most powerful mobile first frameworks Bootstrap 3 and is also fully responsive, offering automatic mobile optimized websites.


So, is this bad news for hardcore web designers? Nah-ah. Honestly, Mobirise doesn’t cover all aspects of web designing that would undeniably need a highly skilled designer’s brain. Sure, Mobirise will allow anyone with a flair to design to create a great site. But not an extraordinary one.

Talk to us and get to know what extra charm a skillful designer could add to your website.