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October 2015


Your Ultimate Know-How Guide to Becoming a Web Design Pro

Everything is fast paced these days and people want things done in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the growing technological advancements that keeps us wanting for more. It is good news for everyone and for web designers, it’s a jackpot! More and more businesses want to make their presence felt online by owning websites. Though there are many web builders available that help even non-techies to build a site, the magic touch of a web designer sure makes a difference.

That being said, the demand for web designers is on the rise like never before and those who do the best job within the shortest time span wins the race. So, it is crucial for every web designer to master various design tricks that are hidden out there.

Here are some of such hacks that will come handy whenever you are working to meet deadlines and helping your way to become a web design pro:

How to Code in a Jiffy?

How to Code in a Jiffy

If you are a Mac lover, then you’ll fall for this. CodeKit, the Mac app, helps you build websites faster and better. It lets you code almost anything and everything. You don’t have to refresh your browser everytime you make a change. It auto refreshes saving you a lot of time. Plus, you have numerous useful components like Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress and more. For a web developer this is really a great tool.

Apart from such web development apps, there are some time-tested tricks like the asterisk symbol. Using the asterisk as the selector you can globally apply changes to an entire page. Another time consuming task is embedding videos into your sites. Resizing the video for responsiveness without losing on quality is a daunting task. Here’s where an easy-to-use jQuery plugin, FitVids, can help you. Add this plugin and it will take care of perfectly embedding your video.

How to Deal with Images?

How to Deal with Images

Yes, that’s a major question. Right from resizing to compressing, rendering images seamlessly on your website can be challenging. This is important because highly optimized images load faster and work well even on various browsers and devices. Tools like SmushIt and ImageOptim remove unnecessary bytes from image files, giving you distortion-free and highly web optimized images that load in a swish!

Another trick to reduce file size while converting from PSD is to export the files as 8-bit PNG files. This way you can greatly compress the file size without compromising on quality.

Crafting the Perfect Layout


Perfecting the layout is another key aspect to become a web design pro. It all starts with choosing the right grid. Many expert web designers choose the 12-column grid system. It is versatile and can host various design formats. And if you are still facing troubles with establishing a perfect grid, try GuideGuide. It is a panel for columns, rows and midpoints for Photoshop where you can choose various grids available for customization.

Choosing the Right Hue


Colors speak your heart and convey spot on what you are trying to say with chunks of text. And we are not over rating anything here. You have great content for your site and if the color scheme is not what your brand is, then the whole point fails. Tools like Adobe Kuler can help you experiment with various color schemes – you can create your own color schemes and save them. If in need of some color inspiration, check out various online communities like Color Lovers where members share colour schemes, designs and ideas.

Etch Those Words in Style


Again, another major thingy – typefaces. While choosing a font make sure that it is easy to read first. Yes, you can experiment with bigger fonts. But being consistent and thoughtful about the amount of text is essential. This should sync well with the colors you would use in the background.

How about some nice templates that can ease your work? Then you must try Typecast. It is an app produced by a design agency called Front and lets you rapidly build typographic templates. A free version of Typecast which can be accessed through Google Fonts enables you to select and work with any font building readable types. They can be easily exported as HTML and CSS, or PNG files, to further incorporate with other components.

Remember, whatever said and done, practice makes one perfect. So, get down there and explore the world of web design like a novice to grow up a pro.


Why Pre-made Layouts are Essential for Your Business Websites?

As with anything in this world, the face of business has tremendously evolved in the past two decades. Pushing the older door-to-door campaigns and other conventional strategies aside, people have gone digital these days. Thanks to the ultra boom of Internet technology. The age-old marketing strategies have found a new makeover and business owners are adding glam and glitz to their regular ways. By that we mean owning a unique website for your business.

Oh yes! And if you ever thought websites weren’t that important, think again. In this digital world, having a strong online presence is a must and websites are your entry pass. Taking your business online provides you with much broader audience and new ways of presenting your ideas to prospective customers. But when it comes to designing your business site, let’s face it, there’s always a dilemma between choosing a professionally designed one and going for a pre-made template that you can customize.

Pre-made layouts were long since considered secondary in web design, mainly due to ineffective customization and scrappy codes. But the times have changed and many designers have adopted pre-made layouts for their projects. If you are skeptic about trying them, these reasons are sure to convince you:

Cost Effectiveness


There are so many things you would have to pour money into for your business. But definitely not on expensive custom-made websites when your pocket is tight. A pre-made layout is the best choice, giving you a functional and an awesome website. You can customize the template as per your needs whenever the need arises.

Easy Customization


Pre-made layouts offered by website builder platforms these days are flexible and can be easily customized. Right from the logo to backgrounds, fonts and images, almost all components of a pre-made template can be remodeled to suit your needs. There are many dynamic website builders that offer support customization services along with the installation of your template.

Ease of Use


As fancy and attractive custom-made websites may seem, they are not as fancy with the pricing they come. The demand for simplicity and usability urges website owners to consider better user experience. Pre-made website templates offer decent design layouts that offer better usability features.

Search Engine Optimization


Pre-made layouts have borne the curse for slumping at SEO aspects. But many modern website builders come with workouts for search engine optimization. For example, with WordPress templates you get a built-in SEO plugin by Yoast. It allows for complete on-page optimization of your website with the help of various SEO tools available.

Well, after reading all this it is still completely your choice to choose if you want a custom-made layout or a pre-made one. Keep in mind your target audience, your budget and the time you have. If you are a small business or someone interested in developing a personal website and your budget is tight, then pre-made layouts will be your best pick without second thoughts.

Got some views? We would love to hear. Talk to us and know more about effectively customizing pre-made layouts.