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December 2015


5 Excellent Ideas to Create Winning Newsletters This Holiday

Ever since the concept of festive season offers originated, various ways of promoting them has been around. Especially during the year ends, you could see a number of flyers with attractive offers waiting to grab your attention. If it were fancy flyers a decade back, now is the time for email newsletters.
That being said, the demand for web designers is on the rise like never before and those who do the best job within the shortest time span wins the race. So, it is crucial for every web designer to master various design tricks that are hidden out there.

Oh wait! Why do you talk about email newsletters when the whole world is going crazy over social media ads? And by the way, who reads newsletters in this fast-paced digital world? Well, if these questions are already crossing your mind, you might have to slow down a little bit. Email newsletters have never gone out of style. But many marketers have inadvertently sent them to the back burner.

Anyway, it’s never too late. Read on to get some exciting ideas to create awesome email newsletters that pump up your business this holiday season:

1. Make It Loud and Clear

Make It Loud and Clear

Who doesn’t love something special? That too in festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, people will be more than happy to shop if you offer attractive deals that make them come for more. Offering a discount for the sake of it won’t work. Ask yourself. Will you even enter a store that says 10% discount next to the one that offers 60% off? Well, the answer says it all. Also, keeping your email clear and breezy is important too. And, don’t forget a direct call-to-action.

2. Keep the Zest Up

Keep the Zest Up

Just one big super-duper sale isn’t enough if you want your customers gripped. Keep pulling them towards you with last-minute surprise deals, extended offers and plan for a bigger discount. That’s what most of the popular and successful online shopping sites do. Always ensure your newsletter makes your customers excited enough that they don’t have to give a second thought whether to choose your offer.

3. Use the ‘Tick Tick’ Trick

Nothing is as exciting as pumping up the New Year spirit with a live countdown. Showing your customers that they have only so much time left before the offer closes tends to drive the festive mood and who knows, it might convince them into buying your offer. And by the way, no harm in building up the shopping fever, right?

4. Feature a Story

Feature a Story

This would turn out to be one of the best ways to convince customers to trust your brand. Letting one of your happy clients take center-stage and putting forth their association with you through an impressive story acts in your favor in more than one way – it becomes an impactful case study; plus a great testimony for your company.

5. Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

An engaging tale about your company’s salient moments in the past year definitely engages your customers. That way you can seize their attention and give a personal touch to your newsletters.

Got other exciting ideas? We’d love to hear. And, are you in need of attractive email templates? Don’t forget to reach out to us. We convert your PSD to responsive email templates at unbelievable prices.