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5 Excellent Ideas to Create Winning Newsletters This Holiday

Ever since the concept of festive season offers originated, various ways of promoting them has been around. Especially during the year ends, you could see a number of flyers with attractive offers waiting to grab your attention. If it were fancy flyers a decade back, now is the time for email newsletters.
That being said, the demand for web designers is on the rise like never before and those who do the best job within the shortest time span wins the race. So, it is crucial for every web designer to master various design tricks that are hidden out there.

Oh wait! Why do you talk about email newsletters when the whole world is going crazy over social media ads? And by the way, who reads newsletters in this fast-paced digital world? Well, if these questions are already crossing your mind, you might have to slow down a little bit. Email newsletters have never gone out of style. But many marketers have inadvertently sent them to the back burner.

Anyway, it’s never too late. Read on to get some exciting ideas to create awesome email newsletters that pump up your business this holiday season:

1. Make It Loud and Clear

Make It Loud and Clear

Who doesn’t love something special? That too in festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, people will be more than happy to shop if you offer attractive deals that make them come for more. Offering a discount for the sake of it won’t work. Ask yourself. Will you even enter a store that says 10% discount next to the one that offers 60% off? Well, the answer says it all. Also, keeping your email clear and breezy is important too. And, don’t forget a direct call-to-action.

2. Keep the Zest Up

Keep the Zest Up

Just one big super-duper sale isn’t enough if you want your customers gripped. Keep pulling them towards you with last-minute surprise deals, extended offers and plan for a bigger discount. That’s what most of the popular and successful online shopping sites do. Always ensure your newsletter makes your customers excited enough that they don’t have to give a second thought whether to choose your offer.

3. Use the ‘Tick Tick’ Trick

Nothing is as exciting as pumping up the New Year spirit with a live countdown. Showing your customers that they have only so much time left before the offer closes tends to drive the festive mood and who knows, it might convince them into buying your offer. And by the way, no harm in building up the shopping fever, right?

4. Feature a Story

Feature a Story

This would turn out to be one of the best ways to convince customers to trust your brand. Letting one of your happy clients take center-stage and putting forth their association with you through an impressive story acts in your favor in more than one way – it becomes an impactful case study; plus a great testimony for your company.

5. Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

An engaging tale about your company’s salient moments in the past year definitely engages your customers. That way you can seize their attention and give a personal touch to your newsletters.

Got other exciting ideas? We’d love to hear. And, are you in need of attractive email templates? Don’t forget to reach out to us. We convert your PSD to responsive email templates at unbelievable prices.


Why Pre-made Layouts are Essential for Your Business Websites?

As with anything in this world, the face of business has tremendously evolved in the past two decades. Pushing the older door-to-door campaigns and other conventional strategies aside, people have gone digital these days. Thanks to the ultra boom of Internet technology. The age-old marketing strategies have found a new makeover and business owners are adding glam and glitz to their regular ways. By that we mean owning a unique website for your business.

Oh yes! And if you ever thought websites weren’t that important, think again. In this digital world, having a strong online presence is a must and websites are your entry pass. Taking your business online provides you with much broader audience and new ways of presenting your ideas to prospective customers. But when it comes to designing your business site, let’s face it, there’s always a dilemma between choosing a professionally designed one and going for a pre-made template that you can customize.

Pre-made layouts were long since considered secondary in web design, mainly due to ineffective customization and scrappy codes. But the times have changed and many designers have adopted pre-made layouts for their projects. If you are skeptic about trying them, these reasons are sure to convince you:

Cost Effectiveness


There are so many things you would have to pour money into for your business. But definitely not on expensive custom-made websites when your pocket is tight. A pre-made layout is the best choice, giving you a functional and an awesome website. You can customize the template as per your needs whenever the need arises.

Easy Customization


Pre-made layouts offered by website builder platforms these days are flexible and can be easily customized. Right from the logo to backgrounds, fonts and images, almost all components of a pre-made template can be remodeled to suit your needs. There are many dynamic website builders that offer support customization services along with the installation of your template.

Ease of Use


As fancy and attractive custom-made websites may seem, they are not as fancy with the pricing they come. The demand for simplicity and usability urges website owners to consider better user experience. Pre-made website templates offer decent design layouts that offer better usability features.

Search Engine Optimization


Pre-made layouts have borne the curse for slumping at SEO aspects. But many modern website builders come with workouts for search engine optimization. For example, with WordPress templates you get a built-in SEO plugin by Yoast. It allows for complete on-page optimization of your website with the help of various SEO tools available.

Well, after reading all this it is still completely your choice to choose if you want a custom-made layout or a pre-made one. Keep in mind your target audience, your budget and the time you have. If you are a small business or someone interested in developing a personal website and your budget is tight, then pre-made layouts will be your best pick without second thoughts.

Got some views? We would love to hear. Talk to us and know more about effectively customizing pre-made layouts.


Have You Tried Mobirise? – The Bootstrap Based Mobile Website Builder

Say front-end frameworks and you are flooded with numerous options. But choosing the best pick out of the lot is challenging. Among the available frameworks today, Bootstrap is the irrefutable hero. This front-end framework is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which aids in developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Faster and easier, it is made for people of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. The best part is that Bootstrap is open source and completely free. Its resizable grid system, on-demand JavaScript plugins and easy integration into existing websites will make this your dearest framework.

Okay now, how about a website builder based on the awesome Bootstrap framework that lets you create mobile-friendly sites just by few drags and drops? That too, for free? I know it’s exciting. Mobirise, it is. Let’s dig in:

What is Mobirise?


It is a cross-platform web designer that lets you build mobile-friendly, responsive websites. The framework is developed based on Bootstrap 3 and employs responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. The interface is more like an app with no complex menu system, no hidden right-click options; just a few buttons to click through and panels to navigate. It lets you select various types of “blocks”, place them on pages, and customize them. And did I mention Mobirise offers all these for free? Yes, you heard it right.

What all you can do with Mobirise?


With the various ‘drag and drop’ blocks that Mobirise offers, you can put your imagination into play. Whether you want your background to be colored, use an image, or want a YouTube video to be playing; anything and everything can be done with its blocks. You can choose color overlays, set static backgrounds to be parallax and change the ratio of opacity.

You also have options to include full page headers, menus, media, multi-column content, links to social media, tables, and footers. Multiple pages can be created by adding one or more blocks to a page. Buttons, typefaces, and the text color can fully be customized and you can choose to fix text’s visibility. All these without any coding! Mobirise also lets you preview your design in desktop, tablet, and smartphone viewports.

Once your design has been done and ready, you have the liberty to save your site to your local drive, FTP it to your own host, Google Drive, or GitHub. How easy is that?

Why should you try Mobirise?


First, Mobirise is newbie-friendly i.e. it’s easily accessible for people who are new to building web content and allows easy tweaking and addition of new features. Second, Mobirise is free!

That apart, Mobirise is loved by Google. According to the recent Google Test, sites made using Mobirise are 100% mobile-friendly. It is built on one of the most powerful mobile first frameworks Bootstrap 3 and is also fully responsive, offering automatic mobile optimized websites.


So, is this bad news for hardcore web designers? Nah-ah. Honestly, Mobirise doesn’t cover all aspects of web designing that would undeniably need a highly skilled designer’s brain. Sure, Mobirise will allow anyone with a flair to design to create a great site. But not an extraordinary one.

Talk to us and get to know what extra charm a skillful designer could add to your website.


5 Awesome Flat UI Kits That Will Sweep You Off

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Well, I guess people are coming to apprehend and accept this simple yet profound fact these days. Particularly in the web design industry. Few years back, web designers were extremely focused on exhibiting their design skills by applying flamboyant illustrations and animations that, yes of course, won their visitors. Then came skeuomorphic design which brought real life to screen, employing faux-realistic textures, drop shadows and real object characteristics. The attractive skeuomorphism gave way to our minimalist hero – Flat Design.

This design trend comes as a fresh and honest combo that abstains the use of fancy design techniques and embraces a more simplified, digitally aesthetic approach. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations. Flat design emphasizes on presenting a clear distinction between technology and real-life materials rather than bringing them into an interface.

Okay, now, you must have got enough idea of what flat design is all about and you might even want to try. And if this design revolutionisn’t tempting enough, start first by designing a prototype. You sure will be amazed by these ready-to-use flat UI prototype building kits. Come on; let’s dig in one by one:



This iOS UI design kit was developed by InVision, a free web and mobile prototyping and UI mockup tool. It comes with 8 Photoshop source files, 138 templates and over 500 UI elements and components at your fingertips, making you whisk up any kind of UI in no time. Its ‘drag-and-drop’ elements make it easy for you to design any iPhone app. They are retina display ready and that eliminates your worry to optimize your assets.

2. Station Interactive


Station Interactive is a concept design that visualizes how a radio or a multimedia company uses various media to interact and engage with clients. It is an interactive and a creative PSD template that represents a multimedia agency. It’s built using vivid colors, stylish components and beautiful typography. PSD files are available for free download and more elements are to be added in future updates. Basically developed for Android, it comes with material design files that can be used to prototype Android mobile UI, desktop applications and visuals.

3. Free Material UI Kit


Developed by, this free PSD UI kit is packed with a variety of material design elements such as navigation menu, statistics, profile, buttons, sign-in page, graphics, music player, and many other UI functionalities. Each element can be used for webpage design or creating UI of any mobile application. All the UI elements are available for free. This UI kit has been designed based on the Google Material Design.

4. Designer-naut UI Kit


If you are one creative brain out there, then this UI kit will just wow you. A neat UI Kit for the best astronaut designers and developers, this kit contains over 40 widgets. They are built with vector shapes and are retina ready based on 960gs grid with 16 columns, giving a stunning appeal to your UI. This free UI kit is ideal for those out-of-the-normal and creative projects in your box.

5. Twish – Free Single Page PSD Kit


Having pixel-perfect website mockups are definitely a huge asset for your big project. Twish, an awesome one page website mockup, will take care of that work for you. With a nice grid gallery section at the top and a clean, minimal look, Twish will just work for any type of business. You can place icons or images and descriptive text about the services you provide, and practically organize a lot of information into a compact area.

Experimenting can bring out wowsome results and after all, web designing has a lot of scope. So, don’t hold back. Gear up and make ‘flatastic’ designs with these flat UI kits.

Need some help? Talk to us and get an amazing prototype for your website, absolutely FREE.



The Compelling Question: Is WordPress Better Than Drupal?

Content Management System a.k.a CMS. Something you might be hearing often whenever you thought of building a website. In fact, building and managing websites have become a lot easier than ever. There are different content management systems that allow you to create and edit web pages in surprisingly lesser time. They can publish articles online or manage products for ecommerce websites. They let you update content to your website regularly and effectively with absolutely no fuss. This and much more.

Oh yes, these features are pretty much the same for any CMS. But ever since their genesis two key players, WordPress and Drupal, have been competing to take over the main stage. Well, both pose an equal chance of becoming the protagonist. But that rests primarily in doing a SWOT analysis and understanding how they would please your business needs. Let’s put them under trial:

Factor 1: Easy Usability

Even if you have never coded anything ever, you can still work with the friendly CMS – WordPress. It is extremely easy that it nearly lets anyone to learn to use. You will be making the most of its impressive plugin library if you are exposed to the basics of HTML and CSS. This helps you even customize your content management system (CMS). The user interface is easy to understand, clearly marking each of its functions and customization options. The innumerable themes allow for better customization and help building awesome websites in seemingly no time. This means lesser time on website development and more on other aspects of your business.

Drupal, on the other hand, is a bit complex and demands you to be familiar with server operating systems, web server setup and basic PHP.

Factor 2: Themes

WordPress comes with numerous customizable free themes that are highly organized and reliable, making it your easy choice. You just have to download the themes and voila! You can change colors, depict logo, change background, and much more. All these without writing any code at all.

On the other hand, a basic Drupal installation will not let you do these that easily. If you want to get the most out of this CMS, hiring a developer becomes a must. Even if you choose not to spend on hiring someone and do all by yourself, you will still have to expend your precious time to touch Drupal’s extreme learning curve. Honestly, it requires a lot of research and experimentation to finally get it right.

Factor 3: Money Matters

The one thing everyone tells you about WordPress is the countless free plugins it offers. Of course there are also some extra WordPress security plugins worth using at a price. But with Drupal the cost certainly adds up. It does not offer any free modules and to use the high-quality modules Drupal provides you must be ready to spare from your pocket.

Money Matters

Set of modern flat design concept icons.

Well, I don’t say Drupal cannot be a CMS hero. In fact Drupal may be a preferable choice when it comes to improving your site’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). This is because SEO schemes are becoming more content-focused and Drupal can handle innumerable pages of content with ease. Another important aspect is Drupal’s security features that make your system impermeable to common security threats.

Remember, your website is your brain child. Breakdown every aspect of your requirement and nurture it with the right CMS.

Still stuck wondering what to choose? Contact us with your project brief and get expert advice.