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Convert your Photoshop designs from PSD to Email and get wonderful email templates.

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PSD to Email

Convert your Photoshop designs from PSD to Email and get wonderful email templates.

Convert Your Designs from PSD to Email Templates

The face of business promotion and marketing has been under constant evolution – from the age-old door-to-door campaigns to this digital era’s online promotion. While there are so many modes to market your business through social media platforms, the most effective way will always be through emails. It gives a sense of personal touch to the communications you have with your customers and clients.

Our Process

We understand that every email template is unique and is entirely based on your business requirement. Hence when it comes to email template creation, we support complete customization.

Step 1: We first gather the specifics of your GUI design, media style guide, functionality and feature requirements for your business needs. Once analysis is completed, the project will be initiated. The PSD (Photoshop Design) files we receive from you are sent to our media team to undergo a process called Slicing, where the images are split into different components to add specific functionalities.

Step 2: These sliced images are then hand coded into XHTML format to make them web compatible. Different sections of the email are assigned their respective functions during this coding. An important aspect in PSD to Email conversion is making the email template to load fast on a web browser. This is done by coding the PSD files into CSS3.

Step 3: Finally, responsiveness is added to the email templates by integrating with CSS3 Media Queries to render them flawlessly on any device viewport.

PSD to Email Made Easy

  • 100% hand coded XHTML/CSS3 with pixel perfection.
  • Responsive and cross-browser compatible email templates.
  • Optimized for fast and error-free loading.

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