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Convert your Photoshop designs from PSD to HTML5 the friendliest of conversions.

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Convert your Photoshop designs from PSD to HTML5 the friendliest of conversions.

We Convert Your Designs from PSD to HTML5 – The Most Effective Markup Language

For any online business, a first-rate website that is focused and adept at attracting maximum user traffic is crucial. HTML5, the most effective markup language, will be the ultimate choice for developing a cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly website. With its optimized semantic codes that boost the number of visitors for your page and unbelievable webpage loading speed, converting from PSD to HTML5 is sure to enhance your user’s experience.

Our Process

Converting your designs from PSD to WordPress can be very easy. Our simple and transparent process will give you a clear picture of the flow of events.

Step 1: The very first step is to gather specifications for your business needs and after a thorough analysis and understanding of the requirements, the project is initiated.

Step 2: Once we receive your PSD (Photoshop Design) files, our media team works on them and divide the design files into different image components needed to build your website through a process called Slicing.

Step 3: These sliced images then reach our developers along with specific standards for bringing about style aspects. The images are then coded into HTML5 to be rendered as web pages, along with CSS3 to bring about layout functionalities.

Additionally, videos and other media elements can also be added without having to compromise on your page’s loading speed.

With our PSD to HTML5 conversion, what you get is cross-browser compatible and search-engine friendly websites.

PSD to HTML5 Made Easy

  • 100% hand coded HTML5/CSS3 with pixel perfection.
  • We employ tableless CSS and W3C valid HTML5 to render error-free websites.
  • HTML5 Offline Application Cache aids browsing offline, increases speed and reduces server load.

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