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A Simple One Page Guide to Boost Your Mobile Search Rankings

In context of the widely popular Google mobile search algorithm update, what’s been done is done, guys. There’s no way out. If you want to survive as a profitable business, small or big, you should kick-start your mobile friendly action plan now. Here’s a simplified guide to boost your mobile search rankings and earn that […]


Got a Small Business? Why Be Mobile Friendly Now or Die

The new mobile friendly bias by Google has taken over the online community by storm and small companies around the world are dreading over it rather than embracing it. The recent (April 21) Google Algorithm update that instantly gained popularity as the “Mobilegeddon” or the “M Day” is actually the best thing that can happen […]


Mobile-First Design: Start Small

To put it as painfully simple as possible, in a household, you’ll find more mobile phones than desktops. You can’t argue with me on that one. So while that is getting you thinking at the back of your head, keep on reading. The philosophy is that it’s better to design content and web pages for […]